Understanding Panic Disorder

Panic disorder is diagnosed in people who experience spontaneous seemingly out-of-the-blue panic attacks and are very preoccupied with the fear of a recurring attack. Panic attacks occur unexpectedly, sometimes even when waking up from sleep. Panic disorder usually begins in adulthood (after age 20), but children can also have panic disorder and many children experience panic-like symptoms (“fearful spells”).

About 2-3% of Americans experience panic disorder in a given year and it is twice as common in women than in men. Panic disorder can interfere a lot with daily life, causing people to miss work, go to many doctor visits, and avoid situations where they fear they might experience a panic attack. The interference is greatest when people also have agoraphobia, as well as panic disorder.

Many people don’t know that their disorder is real and highly responsive to treatment. Some are afraid or embarrassed to tell anyone, including their doctors and loved ones, about what they experience for fear of being considered a hypochondriac. Instead, they suffer in silence, distancing themselves from friends, family, and others who could be helpful or supportive.

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Panic Attacks

We all have suffered from them. For me, just now, while preparing its post, my internet crashed again. A common problem with so many of us at home and online because of Covid 19. Typically others include “No, Not Another Facebook Block”, and of course for most of us, “No, Not Another Bill”

Surviving These Panic Attacks

I recently turned to a friend, Jane Mark, President of JAM Marketing Inc., home of Sokule Powerhouse Advertising.

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She reminded me that she and her partner Phil Basten were not only and developers of top advertising sites. but both trained in Psychology. They had pooled their talents in marketing and Psychology, and created a unique product that will help you live a stress-free life, and help you make some money as you help others.

All over the world, people are frightened, scared, and many have found themselves without a job and no way to pay their bills. The Corona Virus (COVID-19) has everyone on edge, and Jane and I decided to share our expertise in our eye-opener free report, Panic Attacks.


  • How to reduce your stress level, and
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Also includes JAM Marketing’s How to create a booming business online by helping others.

You’ll find out how to live a happier, more successful life, able to meet new challenges and whip them.

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