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Four Percent Group – What is The Four Percent Group?


The 4 Percent Group (Four Percent Group) is a business opportunity, sales system, and elite community, as of July 2016, from Vick Strizheus.
The Four Percent Group is one of the fastest-growing and most powerful marketing and training center for digital entrepreneurs and small business owners.
Our mission is to inspire and help entrepreneurs world-wide rise above average and become great at what matters most – GETTING RESULTS.
We believe that people don’t necessarily need more “information”, there’s plenty.

  • Enough with “theory” and “concepts”. What people really need is results. This is why we exist.
  • We take seemingly complex topics such as
  • traffic generation, marketing funnels and systems, customer acquisition, business development, automation and scale and
  • make it simple to understand and implement.
  • Our products and training are some of the best in the industry because we deliver
  • the most potent, cutting edge information, strategies, and tactics that are working right now.
  • We don’t teach from theory, we teach from doing while keeping things simple and practical.
  • Our members and customers love it and we’re confident you will too.

A Powerful Vision

Here’s a very simple way to explain why we do what we do: If the city represents an industry and homes in that city represent individual businesses – our vision, mission and goal is to build skyscrapers.
We’re building the most magnificent “city skyline” this industry has ever seen. We believe that if we can empower you with the right kind of information, tools, training, and actually help you build a magnificent business – you can serve more people and make YOUR difference in the world.

First Class Products

We realize that today, more than ever – most of the products that are available and sold on topics such as traffic generation, marketing, customer acquisition, business expansion, and entrepreneurship seem to have 2 things in common – theory and complexity.
This leads to information overload, overwhelm, and lack of results on the customer’s side. Our products and training are revolutionary and world-class.
We deliver the most potent, most powerful, and comprehensive online training, home study courses, and live events in the areas of traffic generation, sales training, funnels creation, customer acquisition, business expansion, and personal branding.
Everything we do is centered around 2 things: simplicity and results.

Our Stories

Every one of us has a unique journey and a story… What story will you create?
Four Percent
Vick Strizheus – Why we started Four Percent and what we’re all about….

Reviewer’s Criteria

  • Trustworthiness – Superior, Partner, VIP
  • Product Quality – Superior
  • Price Range- Free to Big Ticket Options
  • Promotional Materials – Superior
  • Website Looks – Superior
  • Affiliate/Member Support – Superior
  • Skill Level – Beginners to Seasoned Marketing Veterans

Watch a Four Percent Video 


Attend an Event

Here are some world-class entrepreneur events you do not want to miss!

  • Live with Vick – FREE training from Vick and special guests – how to grow your business, get results and create success for yourself, your family.

  • Implementation Mastermind This is a private live mastermind training for Affiliate Marketing Academy members.

  • ITA LIVE Mastermind This is a private live training for Internet Traffic Academy Mastermind members only. Advanced traffic & conversions.

  • FP Partner Meeting This is a private live training for Four Percent Partners only.

Four Percent Marketplace

Find what you need to grow your business

Reviews & Testimonials

Our students and customers aren’t just satisfied, they’re thrilled!

Four Percent Book Recommendations

Browse our selection of Recommended Books for Doing Business, Marketing and Making Money Online

Four Percent Tools & Resources

An extensive list of Tools and Resources for Doing Business, Marketing and Making Money Online

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